Since we started our Proudly Not Made By Robots feature back in April of 2018, we’ve covered the good people that make SBC go, along with partners that supply us with high-quality ingredients to make delicious beer.

Today we’re switching gears and focusing on one of our best customers in the business: Moran’s Liquor Works of Lincoln, Nebraska. Not only are Travis and Eric Bahm the owners at Moran’s, but they’re also our friends. We’ve had a few adventures with them since meeting them back in 2015, including sharing a shifty Lyft one night in Omaha, brewed and tapped a collaboration beer together, and co-hosted a handful of events together.

Their bottle shop carries one of the most diverse selections of fermentables in the state, as they bring in both rare and exciting beers from around the world, along with being steadfast supporters of Nebraska craft brewers.

They have keen industry knowledge among both ownership and employees. And their tiny taproom is one of our favorite in the state; you’re bound to find a long-lost friend there or meet a new one if you stop in on a random day as we have. The beer and cider selection on draught is always fresh, and frequently rotated to feature the best in both local and national brewers. In short, there’s a reason we’re featuring them first: we’re big fans of what they have been doing for a long while.

Let’s get to know the Bahm boys.

Where did you grow up? Lincoln, Nebraska.

How old is your business? Eric: We will have owned it for 13 years this fall, although it was opened as a liquor store in July of 1969 and has been open continuously for 50 years now. Travis: The bottle shop is 13 years old and we did an addition of the Growler Shop & Tasting Room 4 years ago.

Why did you get into the industry? Eric: Mostly for the chance to own where we come to work everyday. Choosing the beer industry was easy because it was so familiar to us as we grew up in the industry, both our father and grandfather worked in beer. Plus we liked to drink beer and that makes it easier to sell. Travis: Grew up in grandparents liquor store, in Schuyler NE – and worked for previous owner while going to SCC, had a chance to purchase from previous owner so we went for it!

What is your favorite SBC beer? Non-SBC beer? Eric: This time of year it is Scratchtoberfest. I can’t pick just one overall favorite, I tend to drink hoppy beers, but if you have good people to drink beer with it all taste much better. Travis: Wonder Twins – Favorite and pretty much all of them. Non – anything while enjoying time with family & friends.

Think back to your most memorable brewery experience: where and why? Eric: This is hard as well because there are so many. I would have to say my most memorable was at Rogue’s Taproom in San Francisco while on my honeymoon. It was just my wife, me a British couple on holiday and the bartender. It was a great night of drinking and one of my first drinking better beer. Without this experience the many that followed may not have happened. Travis: I would have to say Lagunitas Skunk Train in Northern CA – the views were unreal in the Red Forest & the party was epic!

What is one of the most exciting trends in the craft beer industry? What is a trend that needs to go away? Eric: I have enjoyed hoppy beers with new bright and fresh flavors without being overly bitter. Although the idea of some that you can’t drink the same thing again and again needs to go away. Travis: All the choices because there is something for everyone. Trend that needs to go away…People worry too much about the beer tasting a certain way and not enjoying the people & fun that it should bring. 

For aspiring brewers, what bit of advice would you give them before they get into the market? Eric: Oh there is so much and each situation is unique but most of all get plenty of rest because you are going to need it. Travis: I would say good luck, keep your head up & find the next white claw.

Travis Bahm, CBO Klimek, & Eric Bahm brewing a collab beer at SBC