After a bit of a break, we’re returning to our Proudly Not Made By Robots feature. Today’s showcase is on our assistant brewer extraodinaire, Cole Burdette Svoboda. Cole proudly hails from Ord, America, and joined the team at SBC in September. This youngblood spent time with us as a brewing intern two years ago, left for Athens Georgia to brew for Terrapin Brewing, before listening to the call of home. He’s been an essential cog in the growth and development of Scratchtown, and his technical expertise in brewing has allowed us to grow our portfolio of world-class beers. Without Cole, SBC wouldn’t be the same. So let’s get to know the guy known around here as “Burdette”, “Goose” and “Farm Fresh”.

What is your favorite SBC beer? Non-SBC beer? Wonder Twins DIPA; Firestone Walker 805 Blonde Ale.

Think back to your most memorable brewery experience: where & why? Getting a call from Caleb asking if I’d like to move home and brew in Ord for Scratchtown.

What do you do at SBC? Assistant brewery, cellar work and taproom.

What is your favorite SBC event? The Darkest Day.

What is one hobby you enjoy in your free time? Hunting.

If you had one year to go on an adventure, where and why? New Zealand, because of the beautiful scenery and the hunting would be incredible.

What advice would you give your 18-year old self? Don’t be afraid to take big leaps. No matter what that leap might be, there is always someone there that will support you.

What do you like best about working at SBC? The people I have the privilege to work with. (editor’s note: Cole, the privilege is ours as well)