If you follow us on social media, or attended Scratchtoberfest, you’ve heard us allude to a big announcement coming up. Today’s the day.

We are pleased to share we’ve reached an agreement with SWT Energy of Lincoln, NE to install a 24.09 kWh solar panel array on the roof of our brewery. The installation will commence this fall and produce up to 80% of our monthly energy needs at the brewery.

You might be asking why we chose to invest in this rather than a larger brewhouse, or additional packaging equipment, or why in the heck we believe in renewable energy at all?

The answer is simple: The economics of it (the installation) are right. The cost to install solar is the lowest it’s ever been, and our company is eligible for several different state and federal programs that help underwrite a portion of the installation cost. Additionally, as our monthly energy costs continue to rise due to production increases, this installation alleviates one of our largest monthly expenditures. Finally, and most importantly: it is the right thing to do for now and future generations.

Solar Array Install at SBC

When we started SBC nearly eight years ago, we dedicated ourselves to be a mission-driven company, seeking to create positive transformation through fermentation in rural Nebraska. Renewal energy is not a partisan argument: capturing the power of the sun makes both economic and ethical sense. If we can serve as an example to other rural businesses that are seeking to keep rising operating costs down, and also being stewards to the environment, even better.

Eric Moyer of SWT using a drone to capture rooftop contours

We are excited about this new development at Scratchtown. Stay tuned for installation progress and news. And if you are an area producer, business owner or even resident, let us know if you’re interested in learning more about using solar power to power your efforts. It’ll get you closer to the sun, and that’s a good thing!

A SWT installation in Lincoln, NE