We are stoked to announce that our Snipe Hunter American-style Barleywine won Bronze at the Best of Craft Beer Awards in Bend, Oregon. Our humble Sandhills brewery was the only Nebraska brewery to medal in this year’s event, a feat that’s been the case for the second year in the row. For the 2018 judging, the competition included over 2,000 entries, from 44 states and 3 foreign countries that included Colombia, Canada, and Belgium. Judges awarded 245 gold, silver, and bronze medals to 152 brewery locations in a total of 86 categories.

The Best of Craft Beer Awards is now the US’s third largest competition. We’ve been fortunate to bring home five medals in the past three years at two of the three largest competitions in the country: Gold at the 2015 US Open (Imperial Porter), Silver at the 2016 US Open (Imperial Porter), Gold at the 2017 Best of Craft Beer Awards (Imperial Porter), Gold at the 2017 US Open (Imperial Porter) and Bronze this year for Snipe Hunter. Scratchtown is one of Nebraska’s most awarded breweries now in the past five years, and the only Sandhills’ brewery that has medaled at any event in the past three years. I’m a firm believer great people make great companies, and without our production team of Mike and Shay cranking out killer beers, this wouldn’t be possible. Cheers!